This article will explore safety tips and the 3 common steps you need to implement in your home or office after coming back from grocery shopping during the CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Pandemic outbreak. These steps are lifesavers because everyone is searching for answers, how to protect your home after grocery shopping. [ifso id=”665″ show=”city”]

Make sure you spray your groceries with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide before the bags go inside your home.

When you’ve the groceries on the table and as you are bringing them out of the bags make sure you are wiping down your groceries especially those in seal packages with Disinfecting wipes, hydrogen peroxide, or alcohol.

For your fruit and veggies you can disinfect them with Vinegar for about 10-15 minutes. If you are purchasing plastic bags at the grocery store make sure to dispose of them.

Every time you go inside your home make sure to take off shoes. This will help you keeps the bacteria away. Often we don’t realize how dirty our shoes are from the bottom. Remember all the places you’ve got walked to get to your home and don’t forget that bacteria were in each step you took.

Wash your hands and change your clothes. Remember that by washing your hands frequently will eliminate bacteria from cross-contamination. Many people are using gloves in this pandemic but in reality, if you are not washing your hands when you are completely done shopping at the grocery store there’s is no point in wearing gloves. Read our article about the different types of disinfectants to use in your home. If you have pets, these are the recommendations for pet disinfectants to use safely in your home during the CoronaVirus pandemic.

Don’t forget all the tasks you need to do while you shop. A few examples can sometimes include your husband calling you to inform you he wants you to bring him an extra item. You are touching your face to answer him through your cell phone. The last item you grabbed on your cart had bacteria so now the bacteria can climb onto your face when you answer your cell phone. In most cases, the gloves already have bacteria. Ensure when you wear gloves to not touch your face. don’t forget when you leave the store to discard your gloves in the trash can they do not belong in the parking lot, wash your hands at home.

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