Today we will talk about a disinfecting company that wrote an article to combat the coronavirus regarding how we are keeping your home safe, along with play areas of your kids/children. It provides you with a guide to disinfecting DIY.

As our leaders come up with methods to combat the spread of the corona virus it is now time for contributors of our communities to step up to alleviate one of the crucial considerations and we’ll carry you reviews of how people are doing their phase paying it ahead.

How a small industry is making use of their services gratis to get outcome chiefly in terms of kids playgrounds are most commonly a hotspot for dust micro organism viruses and retaining essentially the most vulnerable safe way to clean. The company are experts in the cleaning industry to get outcome for children we’re doing free playground cleanings for all the children playground cleanings are on us.

The company focuses on sanitation we’re gonna go spray it down sanitize it all and then rinse it with water we use the CDC’s quantity one recommended sanitizer which is sodium hypochlorite bleach Clorox.

Wipe, Spray, and Wash down toys. Rinse it down after you’re done. Put a neutralizer on it so there isn’t a residual chemical for all the kits or children. These actions will be making a big effect on the daycare. You will discover like how clean it’s compared to the one over here in particular for families who cannot work remotely being equipped to be open and keep open for households when so lots of them nonetheless have got to work them since we’re doing something to stay on high of things and keeping the playgrounds easy and maintaining our college sanitized it is a big help born and raised in California.

Helping the community with disinfection services

The felt it used to be the right factor to do for the neighborhood that’s watched them emerge as entrepreneurs our quantity one focal point with this is to hold youngsters. Plenty of people are eager about cleaning services and disinfecting to help the counties of Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County, Los Angeles County.

Anything I can put in the disinfectant (Coral Sanitizer) is also lost Like girls’ cups. Disinfect your phone because you grab onto it 95% of the day. I would wipe down games, keyboards, mouse pads, ipads, tablets, all electronics you or a family member may physically touch.

The first thing I will do is take all the blankets and upholstery and I will throw them in the washing machine, and put this big blanket on the sofa so that the girls do not sleep on the sofa directly So I will take all these blankets And their rabbits And their bed sheets and any furniture I use, I will throw them in the washing machine and wash them with very hot water Well, I put on the towels, the blankets, the bedding and the clothes they were wearing when they were sick Pretty much all the furniture they have touched is there And I will wash everything with hot water temperature

How to use disinfectants

I will use hot water and hope it sterilizes all furnishings

1- Wash all the furniture

I will bring the girls’ cups that they used and drank and all of Grayson’s bottles.

2 – Teacups from which you drink milk and put them in the dishwasher

We have a rinse option for disinfection in the dishwasher. We are going to put all my dishes in and use them here and use this option Because its size will not fit everything – Disinfection of dishes.

I put the medication trains that we used for Tylenol as well Well, the bed linen was washed So the next thing I will do is just replace the girls’ bed linens And now, I just hang some clean towels for them

3- Cleansing technology devices Well, the next thing I’m going to do is cleanse all of our tech devices and I just use Clorox’s wet wipes to do that

4- Disinfecting knobs and light switches

Use Clorox wipes, bleach grade, disinfectants to clean all drawer handles, doors and light switches.

5- Cleans and wipes all surfaces

I’m going to wipe all surfaces and disinfect them, and since this table is the most used surface in her house, I left Clorox spray sitting on it for 10 minutes before I wipe it to really make sure this area will sterilize I also use paper towels in this video instead of microfiber cloth, in order not to spread germs this way I can just throw the paper towels in the trash After that I spray Lysol on the sofa and chairs that I could not wipe with Clorox

6- Spray Lysol on the sofa, chairs and carpets

It’s self-explained in this idea. Read more about human and animal tips to Safe use of Pet disinfectant products

7- Replacing / disinfecting toothbrushes

Now I just replaced girls’ toothbrushes with new ones and you don’t have to do that, girls just needed a new toothbrush You can just soak your toothbrush in oxygen water for 30 minutes to clean it.

Lastly, the company will take out the trash and wipe the trash cans with the same Clorox spray Sterilization / wiping garbage bins I think this is all about today’s video Tomorrow I will probably do the usual protea to clean as I sweep and wipe the floors and all that stuff I just wanted to share with you in this video what I do for sterilization and disinfection when one of us gets the flu I hope you found this video helpful, let me know in the comments what do you guys do when someone in your family gets the flu and how do you clean.

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