Now you might be wondering if the coronavirus (COVID-19) can be transmitted through your clothes. The answer is NO, indirectly, it does not. It is not transmitted through clothes but when someone sneezes or coughs germs can be transmitted to your clothing.

6 Steps to disinfect your laundry machine

  1. Use laundry detergent, soap or household soap to make sure the clothes are getting clean. If you are able to use bleach on clothing and the instruction label includes the use of bleach consider using it. 
  2. In your washer select hot for the water setting.Do your water in temperature that’s at least 104 F to kill any viruses or bacteria. Make sure to read the care label because high temperatures can shrink or damage delicate clothing.
  3. To minimize the spread of those germs in your family, wash your child’s clothes in a separate load. It is helpful to do a separate wash when someone in the household is sick with diarrhea or cold.
  4. If you decide to dry linen your clothes outdoors it is fine. The sun will kill any bacteria on your clothing, but the pollen from the air might affect someone who has allergies.
  5. If you decide to place your clothes in the dryer, place clothes for about 45 minutes until the clothes are completely dry. The hot temperatures from your dryer will also kill the bacteria in your clothes.
  6. Each time you take out clothes from the hamper make sure to disinfect the hamper from the inside to avoid germs from spreading and this can make illnesses less likely.

We also recommend disinfecting shoes during the Covid-19, Coronavirus, Pandemic outbreak. Most people are asking if these are safety measures they can use at home or office. The answer is, YES! Research, research, and research all you need to protect yourself and family members.