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We have some FAQ about disinfecting services provided to aid commercial, business, and properties across the southern california territories.

We're open 24x7x365 - due to the recent coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

What kind of chemicals do you use?

We are complying with government orders by the EPA and CDC about safe products to use that been known to kill pathogens

How does your service work?

Call us to complete a job appraisal.  Schedule a time and date. Pay the invoice online. We'll complete the job on the deadline.

Do you guys have the PPE gear?

We are ready on all parts. PPE gears was purchased before any pandemic started. We have the machines ready to produce results.

What is your hours of operation?

24x7x365 - call 888-700-6988 - we are ready to service all commercial businesses with disinfecting and disinfectants

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