Office Cleaning List of To Do’s

The daily, weekly and monthly office cleaning lists described here are based on the needs of a mid-sized office. Some daily tasks may have to be performed twice or more daily for larger office sizes while other daily tasks may be relegated to weekly tasks in smaller offices. 

Each task list offers a set of guidelines for developing cleaning lists for your office size.

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Top daily cleaning lists for an office reception, lobby and workspace areas should include: Vacuuming daily debris from all floor areas (including tile) Disinfectant mopping of all hard floor and tiled areas. Empty waste bins, wash as needed and add new liners. Standard glass cleaner to wipe down all glass areas.

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Office Cleaning Checklist. Keep your employees healthy and happy with a regular office cleaning routine. A clean and organized office improves productivity

A tidy workplace has the ability to improve productivity and boost employee morale. Download our office cleaning checklist!

General Office Cleaning Checklist

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The variety of environments make office cleaning particularly challenging. An office cleaning checklist can organize the tasks for your team.

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