Most pet owners are looking for safe to use products to protect against the recent CoronaVirus COVID-19 pandemic declared nationwide. The truth for the matter is, this is the first time in life we have to experience all the research to survive in a virus outbreak. This includes protecting ourselves, friends, family, and yes, our household pets (dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, horses, goats) because we truly love and cherish. 

If you adore your house animals, you want to have them well-balanced. It is usually insufficient to give them foods and shelter. You want to make sure that they reside in a clean environment as well. Good hygiene might go a long way in preventing diseases and health problems. For a pet owner, this means less worries and medication costs. This is why animal owners really need to sanitize and disinfect their homes.

But not just any disinfectant will do. You require a pet protected disinfectant. The vapors of disinfecting protects do linger for some time and cause pets to be ill. Thus, if you want to keep family home neat and protect your pets from dangerous substances at the same time, use pet safe disinfectants available for sale. We recommend using a home disinfecting service performed by companies with experience to help you reduce the risks on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Aquarius 20 

Aquarius 20 is a disinfectant with a fresh pine smell. It really is efficient against viruses, such as parvo, salmonella, e-Coli, and other viruses. Aquarius 20 has a biodegradable solution, which makes it safe for use in cages, stables along with other pet living areas. It may end up being utilized to disinfect swimming pools and washrooms.


Virkon is a multi-purpose disinfectant which is safe to use around pets. It is used in many veterinary clinics and facilities and is available in powder or tablets that may be dissolved in water. This pet safe disinfectant is beneficial against avian flu, and also other viruses. Additionally it is accomplished at killing bacteria, and fungi. If you are not a meticulous cleaner, Virkon is a good choice for its capacity to penetrate organic matter well. This disinfectant features a raspberry-smell and is biodegradable.


This disinfectant is traditionally used in veterinary hospitals and possess. It is effective in killing viral and bacterial pathogens and parvovirus, which is one of many factors behind deaths among pets. It can be used in wood, as well as other porous surfaces. Unlike many disinfectants, Trifectant can be used even in low temperatures. The efficacy of the solution once made up may last for a week.


TEC-5000 is produced for use in pet environment. This disinfectant is widely used in kennels, pet shops, farms and zoos. It is effective in killing coronvirus, covid-19, as similar to the sars virus, ebola, rabies virus, and feline panleukopenia. It can disinfect surfaces in just Ten minutes. It does not impede a dog’s chance to track drugs and explosives, so that it is safe to use around working dogs.

Homemade Disinfectants

For anyone who is reluctant to use disinfectant sprays and products available in the stores, you can always make your own. The CoronaVirus COVID-19 made us realize we have to make homemade items and products, such as; DIY products to do it yourself. This is a smart method to the outbreak because you know the ingredients you use feel at ease. Hunt for homemade recipes online, but be sure you research the ingredients you plan to use first.

Choosing the right types of disinfectants can pose a serious challenge to the unprepared average person. Choosing one that can be used not just for floors and surfaces, but those who are also safe for pet toys and bowls. This is why it is very important to read through labels first to make sure you are only investing in a pet-safe disinfectant.

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