National Disinfecting is a warehouse disinfecting company.

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A warehouse can be the root cause of many problems during the Covid-19

From causing order management issues to decreasing the efficiency of the employees, it can also cause dust allergies, infections, and other diseases to the employees working in it. This will create a lot of trouble for the manager, the warehouse employees, and the clients.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting of floors with specialized cleaning equipment for each floor.
  • Thoroughly sanitize equipment used.
  • Sanitize forklifts and power pallet jacks.
  • Disinfecting and sanitization for office bathrooms.
  • Sanitize and scrub the toilets.
  • Clean behind any movable equipment.
  • Sanitizing and steam cleaning point of contact areas (light switches etc.)
  • Spray and sanitize high traffic surfaces like door handles, railings, seats and tabletops
  • Cleaning company vehicles.
  • Provide high-quality cleaning and sanitizing.

Workplace safety tips for coronavirus.